What’s your version of this new docuseries?

To be clear, you might not need to create a docuseries around your business. 

But why do you think Elevate Demand is dropping one next week? 

What’s the main reason we fought for cycles and budget to execute on this particular idea all throughout the second half of 2023? 

Out of all the things we could do…

A docuseries?!

How self-indulgent. And how time-consuming. 

I mean, a full season with nine episodes dropping just like that? And a second season already underway?! How is this gonna pay off?

In a world where everybody still talks about tactics – “why are you still doing X” and “you gotta do Y” – it’s not always clear what the connection is across marketing initiatives. 

For us, this docuseries is directly tied to one of our most important differentiators:

Our brand narrative. 

We spend a significant amount of energy developing our thinking on the most important realities and opportunities for B2B marketers. 

We search for meaningful insights and develop unique frames for seeing the situation everybody in marketing is in. 

The narrative is so much more than a story

It’s the foundation for our approach. 

What’s yours? 

Are you confident in your narrative painting a clear and compelling picture that helps your buyers see the shift in their world and that moves them to action? 

If not, how will you solve that? 

With targets going up, without a proportionate increase in resources, a strong narrative is arguably the most important factor for driving the kind of growth your business is looking for.

Ads, emails and content… that won’t move buyers the way you need them to without an impactful narrative at the core. 

Especially not when every channel is now saturated with all kinds of stuff from a larger group of competitors than ever before. 

Ok, we got passionate there for a minute.

Happy to talk to you about the narrative work we do for clients, but for now, here’s a super short YouTube video that talks about how to get started with developing your brand narrative

So let’s say you have (or you get) the narrative right. Now what? 

How are you bringing it to life? What role does it play in your go-to-market? 

This is where it gets interesting. 

Sure, having it in the sales deck and on the website is good. Maybe you create a video or write a few posts about it too. But will that get it in front of enough buyers with the impact you’re looking for? 

Look, we don’t know what this docuseries will do for Elevate Demand. 

We’ve questioned it ourselves, and we weren’t even sure this would ever see the light of day. It was expensive in more ways than one. 

But we believe that an outside-of-the-ordinary way of expressing our brand narrative is moving from a nice-to-have towards a need-to-have. 

Some version of this will quickly become a required GTM component. 

It simply won’t be enough to update the deck and the site and drop a few one-off content pieces.

The day-to-day execution of marketing and sales in most companies won’t have enough impact on its own when the goal is to 2X or 3X revenue. 

And this is not marketers’ fault. 

For the love of everything, let’s have 2024 be the year we stop shaming marketers.

As we’ve said a million times, growth is a team sport. 

But also, companies just have to realize it takes more than the basics if you want your narrative to have a chance to properly land with buyers. 

How can we all go to market if we can’t get our narrative properly to market?

Look, we don’t expect to win some kind of B2B agency marketer award of the year (if that even exists), but it’s our sincere hope that some of you great B2B marketers out there get value out of this. 

And in enjoying a glimpse of what it takes to build the agency we wish we had when we were in-house, we obviously hope you pick up on our POV on B2B marketing in 2024. 

If you do, you’ll be able to pick up how Elevate Demand approaches the work differently.

Because the narrative is truly different. 

We’ll start sharing the docuseries next week, but here are all the episodes of Season 1 for you. 

By the way, we gotta take this opportunity to thank our awesome clients that fought through the challenges with us last year and that participated in this docuseries either directly or indirectly. 

For as tough as things have been, we’re extremely fortunate to have the great clients we get to work with on a regular basis. 

Alright, so here’s the very last thing:

Would you mind hitting reply and dropping us just a quick line with your honest instant reaction to this whole docuseries thing?

Have we officially lost our minds?

Or is there potentially something to this? 

- Your partners in growth at Elevate Demand