Scale Your Paid Ads With Low Friction Acquisition

Today’s B2B winners are not growing with a funnel—they’re growing with a set of compounding growth loops that continually reduce friction and acquisition costs.

Paid Acquisition Has Changed for Good

For the past several decades it’s been common practice to build a marketing funnel to drive growth with paid media. You build awareness in your market with content. Then you leverage emails, gated assets, and retargeting to move buyers through the funnel. And then you start over the next quarter.

But now acquisition costs are increasing faster than your marketing budget, putting you in a race against the competition for who is willing to spend the most to acquire a new customer.

Limited Marketing Channels

Limited Channels

The number of new channels being created every year is decreasing. We’re still all investing in Google, LinkedIn, & Facebook, and they’re all more saturated than ever before.
Increased Competition

Increased Competition

Categories are now filled with hundreds, and sometimes thousands of competitors and alternatives. This dramatic increase is accelerating the cost of customer acquisition.
Stacked Deck

Stacked Deck

Channels are continually moving the goalposts and changing the algorithm to make organic content discovery harder. Channels are moving more and more towards a pay to play model.

Funnels drive mediocre growth. Growth Loops create meteoric growth.

Demand Gen Funnel Icon

Marketing Funnel

Funnels are about putting more in at the top to get more out at the bottom – more channels, more spend, more people, more tactics, more awareness.

  • Funnels only operate in a liner direction. You put more in at the top to get some revenue at the bottom.

  • Works only when you add friction—and friction kills your acquisition and increases cost.

  • No competitive advantage. Simply a collection of saturated marketing tactics and channels.

Demand Gen Growth Loops

Growth Loops

Growth loops deliver repeatable growth that’s self-sustaining and compounding over time and is a more defensible form of customer acquisition.
  • Drives compounding growth. Loops are self funding and improve growth rate over time.

  • Reduces friction over time—increasing acquisition while decreasing costs.

  • Massive competitive advantage. A self funding growth loop that improves growth metrics quarter after quarter.

The Results of Building a Marketing Funnel

Funnels waste more budget and increase acquisition costs more than anything in B2B marketing right now.
Elevate Demand Growth Loop Results


The average cost to rank first for one high intent keyword on Google.


The increase in paid customer acquisition costs in the past 5 years.


The average monthly payback period for B2B tech companies.

Low Friction Acquisition

Take the first step towards compounding growth

When Low Friction Acquisition is your competitive advantage you crush your marketing goals, outgrow the competition, and become the category leader.

Introducing the Low Friction Acquisition Framework

Low Friction Acquisition is a set of growth loops built to generate compounding results while driving revenue, differentiation, and defensibility.

  • Core Value Loop: Loops that help buyers experience the value your solution offers.
  • ‘Aha’ Loop: A brand narrative that articulates a significant shift in your buyer’s world.
  • Distribution Loop: A way you get in front of buyers that builds habits of consumption.

The Benefits of Low Friction acquisition

Compounding Results Light

Compounding Results

Low Friction Acquisition focuses on metrics that drive compounding and repeatable results, not linear funnel-like results.

Defensible Position Light

Defensible Acquisition

Distribution is the only defensible part of customer acquisition and Low Friction Acquisition puts distribution as the focus.

Low Cost Acquisition Light

Lower Acquisition Cost

When you have less friction than the funnel you acquire more customers at a lower cost, then you can reinvest it into more acquisition.

Faster Growth Light

Faster Growth

When you’re growing with Low Friction Acquisition you have more customers to learn from which means better messaging, ads, landing pages, and marketing plays.

Let’s Start Building Your Low Friction Growth Loop

On our first call, we determine if and how we can help. From there, we’ll determine which growth loop is the best starting point and work on a plan to crush it together.