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Stop Optimizing for Leads, MQLs, & Revenue – Focus on Your Buyer.

Nothing dictates growth for a B2B SaaS like your ability to acquire customers profitably. If you’re like most marketing teams, you’re reliant on generating as many leads as possible through ebooks, contact us, trials, and demo requests.

Companies are building their entire go-to-market strategy around leads to feed the sales organization.

Every quarter, the cycle continues: the lead goal marketing is measured against grows to unmanageable numbers, customer acquisition cost goes through the roof, and the marketing payback period gets longer.

You have to continue to optimize for leads at a lower and lower cost, because if you make any adjustments where volume drops everyone panics. So you’re stuck. You do virtual and in-person events to scan badges, constant content syndication, and lead generation forms on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Sound familiar? Here’s the real problem – it’s not very effective anymore.

Have you ever heard of a “warm” ebook download? When’s the last time you responded to a sales cadence after filling out a form for a gated piece of content? Have you ever clicked a banner ad and then requested a demo?

Most likely, you would answer “never.” These tactics worked in 2002, but they aren’t nearly as effective the past few years.

Most agencies will tell you that you just need to update your ads, redo your website, build better landing pages, create better content. Most agencies are wrong

With this revelation, we’ve been challenging our customers to re-think their entire approach to demand generation and B2B marketing.

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Buyer-Centric Optimizations

Convert more high-quality leads and reduce friction with conversion rate improvements.

Narrative Messaging

Break past selling features and benefits with a proven messaging strategy.

Paid Acquisition

Paid ad strategy across paid search, LinkedIn, & Facebook with over $25m+ in ad spend.
“Our revenue has been growing like crazy—it jumped 79% in the past year—and a lot of that is down to the changes we’ve been implementing with Elevate Demand.”
Jesselyn Alvarez
Global Director, Digital Marketing

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