Hi, I’m Jay Baron

Most B2B marketers are stuck. I know this because I was stuck for years.

I was fighting a never-ending struggle and watched as we focused attention on all the wrong problems.

Everything we did was under constant scrutiny and everyone was looking for little adjustments and that silver bullet to drive revenue.

I realized everyone was fixated on tactics and we weren’t actually solving the real problem.

When you obsess over content, ads, and brand awareness you’re left convinced you have an awareness, content, and ad problem.

Agencies want you to think you have these problems.

When none of that worked we switched from lead-based to account-based to brand marketing.

If running brand and ABM is your big marketing shift in 2021 stop and audit for truth.

The reality is buyers don’t trust any marketing and content you create because you have an agenda.

So how do you actually create demand?

You get out of tactics and start aligning your marketing to growth and how B2B buyers want to buy. That’s the entire reason I created Buyer Led Growth.

“Our overall revenue has been growing like crazy, increasing 79% in the past year” – Jesselyn, Director of Global Marketing, Athena

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to help you make as an informed decision as possible before you engage with me. Here’s the most common questions I receive.

How much do you charge?

We believe in transparent pricing which you can find on our pricing page but our starting rate is $11,400/mo and goes up from there.

What sets you apart?

We work strictly with SaaS & B2B, and we’re not an agency but a growth team with a proven formula centered around how B2B buyers want to buy.

I’m not ready yet, what do I do?

The best way is to connect on LinkedIn. I also have a newsletter with 2,000+ SaaS and B2B Marketers, Founders, and Sales leaders.

What’s your ideal customer?

B2B & SaaS company ready to invest in real growth with a long term mindset so we can build real demand. Ideally $2m – $100m+ in revenue.

If you’re ready