BRAND NARRATIVE Growth is not something you do – it’s something you attract with the right narrative.

Most B2B companies run ads and create content that assumes buyers care about solving a problem so everything is focused on convincing them to buy their solution. “Let me tell you why our solution is better”.

Establishing your narrative is meant to give rise to your buyers needs before they recognize a pain. For buyers to recognize their pain you have to shift their current beliefs and habits into a new winning narrative.

The brand narrative doesn’t describe the journey the business is on—it describes the journey your buyer is on and helps them understand why buying now is better than waiting until tomorrow.

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The Old Way

Your buyer has an operating narrative—a story in their head about winning. We want to work on shifting this operating narrative into an old way to win.
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Pains & Consequences

Show buyers what’s wrong with their operating narrative to give rise to their pains and negative consequences so they need to act.
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New Way

The new way (category or movement creation) buyers are finding to win. Until buyer’s believe in your new way they will never have a pain worth solving.
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Your Solution

Now that buyers have a new operating narrative and story they’re telling themselves about winning show how your solution is uniquely suited to lead buyers to this promised land.

The Four Components of A Brand Narrative

Product positioning results in the story you tell about your solution. A brand narrative is the story you tell buyers about their world. By articulating a significant shift that is not yet universally agreed upon but that changes how your buyers will be successful, you present a context for your solution that makes your messaging more credible, differentiated an  impactful.

A 3 Step Approach

Instead of a set it and forget it approach we work with you through sprints to maximize impact of your brand narrative.

We work with you to craft your compelling narrative then guide strategic execution with your marketing programs so you can move from “me too” marketing campaigns to compelling ‘aha’ moments that drive buyers to act.

Demand Gen Growth Loops

STEP 1 Low Friction Formula

Determine the primary way buyers will engage with your narrative so we can validate it resonates through experiments via. paid ads, content marketing, the website, or through a sales deck.
Demand Gen Growth Loops

STEP 2 Craft Your Brand Narrative

We work with your marketing team to develop, craft, and write your brand narrative leveraging a proven process used across dozens of B2B tech companies.
Demand Gen Growth Loops

STEP 3 Build Content & Offers

We begin building your ‘aha’ loop working with you to determine ads, content, and offers needed to help buyers reach your narrative content for a serious competitive advantage.
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– Dana Dohse, VP of Marketing, Cleartrace

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Attract more buyers with the right narrative

Transform your marketing from focusing on benefits, features, and pain points to the brand narrative that gives rise to your buyers’ real needs.