Time to Realign Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Now is probably the time to realign your digital marketing strategy. It's too focused on how you want to sell the product. Not how your customers and buyers actually want to buy the product.

You want to "get more" from your marketing spend.

More demo requests from Google Ads and paid search.

More ebook downloads from LinkedIn & Facebook ads.

More leads from your gated 4 minute demo video.

More meetings from your ABM direct mail campaigns.

It's all about you.

In the fight for new customers - you're actually losing.

We've spent the past 4 years and over $15MM in ad spend uncovering profitable customer acquisition strategies for SaaS & B2B companies.

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Losing at Customer Acquisition

Most agencies will convince you that you just need better ads or better content.

This results in a higher retainer for them and more ad spend.

And the more you spend the worse the results get.

Your conversion rate drops and your customer acquisition cost goes through the roof.

Eventually you'll realize it's not that you need better ads and more content. You'll realize your entire customer acquisition strategy is flawed.

You're optimizing your marketing spend and changing tactics to "get more" of what you want instead of giving more of what your audience needs.

You're trying to sell your product your way instead of how buyers want to buy today.

And the worst part is you're creating massive amounts of friction in the process.

You're getting mediocre results from your acquisition strategy because you're trying to scale mediocre marketing.

Winning at Customer Acquisition

When you stop spending on what you want you start creating marketing that actively engages and informs buyers.

And the best way to do that is through brand marketing (providing VALUE without the need for a direct attributable ROI).

You start to give your customers the information they are looking for. Answers to the questions they're asking and offering actionable advice.

This starts to build trust and begins the process of product consideration. Your marketing will start to create real demand.

This is how you get attention from your buyers, engagement, and the results you seek.

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