Social Media is Not an Intent Channel

Social is not an intent channel.

But lots of smart SaaS companies are about to run social ads in dumb ways because of everything going on.

No one is hoping to find your product or service on LinkedIn or Facebook.

But we have companies running ads for Get a Demo and Free Trial.


Gated whitepapers so that unsuspecting buyers can be dropped into automated Sales cadences that close at less than 1%.

Your marketing would be a lot more successful if you stopped trying to generate leads and started letting your target market actually read your content.

But that's just it. You have to change your mindset. You actually have to deliver value to your audience.

They can sniff sales intent a mile away.

Let this this be your chance to out maneuver your competition.

Let this be your chance to actually be customer-centric.

Let your competition be Sales-focused while you focus on delivering as much value to your target market.

No CTA, no forms, no email required, no link in the comments, or even asking you to go to another page.

If you're going to run ads to your target ICP - just let them consume your content.

Great content sells.

And this could be your companies big fat differentiator in a time when everyone is running the same marketing play.