SaaS Marketers: 30% – 70% of Ad Spend is Wasted

What if I told you that you’re wasting 30% - 70% of your ad spend.

Would you fix it? Or would you continue down the same path.

It’s crazy to me how many marketing teams struggle to align to revenue.

What makes it worse is the agencies that happily continue to push SaaS companies down this path.

Yay! We generated 50 new demo requests through our Facebook get a demo ad.

But the sales team is closing them at less than 1% often times down to 0.1%.

Or they celebrate as cost per lead drops to new lows in Google Ads, but ignore the fact that they’re just generating expensive whitepaper downloads.

You’re generating all these “leads” for $10 - $100 per lead, but the leads are not doing anything. It doesn’t turn to revenue.

Those Facebook ads and whitepaper downloads close 1 out of every 200 - 1,000 leads. That’s your wasted ad spend.

You might as well just tell your SDR team to go outbound. It’s practically the same thing without all the wasted spend.

Here's some of the areas we recover wasted ad spend.

1 - Broad keyword targeting via Google Ads

Google Ads is a great intent based platform to capture a ton of revenue and inbound leads, but in an attempt to capture even more demand marketers start chasing broader and broader keywords to try and keep up with new targets.

These keywords generate a high-volume of clicks and leads for search queries that are usually not even relevant to the business.

In the last assessment I performed we recovered nearly $480k in wasted Google Ad spend over a 12 month period.

2 - Whitepapers and ebooks ads

I've watched companies pump tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of dollars into getting whitepaper downloads. When the above strategy fails it's common for companies to transition their paid search strategy to getting whitepaper downloads.

This gives them a great cost per lead metric. They continue this strategy through their re-targeting efforts, but these leads never become customers.

In the last assessment I performed it was nearly 800 downloads to reach 1 new customer. Not only is this wasted ad spend it's wasted countless hours of SDR time calling into leads that are not interested in buying.

3 - Bottom of the funnel offers via paid social

No one is checking their social channel hoping to find your product or service, but we have SaaS companies pushing get a demo and free trial ads all over.

Intent based ads across LinkedIn and Facebook are some of the biggest offenders of wasted ad spend. They're deceiving because you can generate a ton of "demo requests" and it can be insanely cheap (I've seen as low as $10) but the response rate to these ads are abysmal as well as the close rates.

This is just 3 of 12 areas we examine to recover wasted ad spend.

There is more to this than just wasted spend. Often times you're passing bad leads to your sales team and destroying your credibility as a marketing team.

It takes time, but this situation can be addressed.

If you're spending $10k per month or $250k per month, and you're unsure if it's really working and driving revenue. Let's book a call and discuss doing an assessment and review of your ad spend and allocation.