SaaS Marketing Campaigns to Take Out Competitors

Instead of complaining and playing defense, maybe it’s time to play offense.

Here's 3 tactical campaigns to add to your marketing mix right now

They should drive immediate pipeline and focus on in-market buyers looking at your competitors.

Right now we're running these campaigns for our SaaS and B2B customers with over a 50% win rate (lead to closed won). Want to learn how our agency can help? Book a discovery call.

Let’s break it down

Competitive Paid Search

Run paid search targeting buyers comparing or looking for alternatives to your competitors. Here’s where most get it wrong. They target every keyword with their competitors brand name. This wastes spend and generates low quality leads.

Instead target your competitors brand name with additional keywords that indicate intent. This list includes, vs, alternatives, competitors, demo, pricing, trial, etc. Your keyword list will look like this:

+ Competitor name +alternatives
+ Competitor name +vs
+ Competitor name +free +trial

An effective text ad is the difference between failure and success here. Test if you can leverage the competitor brand name in the main headline (you might get flagged for copyright).

If you don’t get flagged for copyright your headline should read something like: Our Brand Name vs Competitor Brand Name. If you do get flagged for copyright - leverage a headline like “Compare us to the competition”.

You’re now running paid search targeted at high intent buyers either wanting to buy a competitor solution or looking to leave a competitor solution.

Competitive Custom Intent Display

Create custom intent audiences in Google ads targeting competitor branded terms. Don’t waste your money on worthless display sizes here’s what you need to use: 300x250, 728x90, 320x50, 300x600.

Ad creative matters here a lot - call out your competitor if you’re courageous enough or create a gif ad that focuses on your value prop + features.

Here’s the difference maker - the landing page needs to clearly compare your solution against your competitor. Make this comparison fairly and unbiased.

Our customers are seeing less than $0.30 per click and right now are closing these inbounds at 50% or above.

Competitive Preroll Targeting

Here’s your chance to tell your brand story to buyers actively researching your competitors.

Create 3-5 brand videos that are 1 minute - 3 minutes in length. The first 5 seconds matter otherwise your ad will be skipped and the video quality matters a ton here.

Now in your targeting options for the video focus specifically on competitor brand terms. Our customers are seeing as low as $0.06 cost per view to tell their story to buyers looking at their competitors. 

I literally gave you 3 tactics to find and capture new demand. It’s time that we get creative, aggressive, and play the game better than our competitors.

Go execute on it. If you need some guidance book a discovery call with our founder and learn about our growth formula and marketing agency for SaaS & B2B companies.