PERFORMANCE PLUS There are Too Many Marketing Tactics in The System Chaos shouldn’t be the natural state of B2B marketing

And yet that’s what it feels like. We’re continually asked to do even more – and now with less resources. More ads and creative, more landing pages, more content, more SEO, more channels, more tactics, and more playbooks. The list goes on.

Enough is enough.

These are all the side effects of broken marketing frameworks and “best” practices constantly being delivered to us via the loudest so-called “experts”.

When we started Elevate Demand 3 years ago, we set out to build the agency we wish we had when we were in your shoes.

That’s why we created Performance PLUS, an entirely new way to approach performance marketing to help B2B marketers everywhere get off the hamster wheel of more ads, better ads, a/b testing, new landing pages, and updated headlines and move towards a Sustainable Performance Marketing program.

Performance PLUS with Elevate Demand

Imagine if instead of doing more marketing programs, you had a single marketing program you could count on for Sustainable Demand Creation.

That’s where Performance PLUS comes in—a new approach to performance marketing that centers around establishing your company’s brand narrative to create Sustainable Demand. Your paid ads give rise to the real needs of your buyers instead of making assumptions and presenting the obvious solution. This new approach creates Sustainable Demand.

We get there through a three phase approach that builds momentum and compounding results.

Step 01 Model +  Execution

A full data model of your performance marketing program identifying constraints and opportunities, CRM reporting, and strategic paid execution based on impact to accelerate results and lift conversions.

Step 02 Product Positioning

Transform insights generated from performance marketing into magnetic product positioning that attracts target customers to your product and ensures your ad spend will go further.

Step 03 Brand Narrative

Achieve full funnel acquisition for scalable results with a compelling brand narrative that gives rise to your buyers needs by joining the conversation already happening in their head.

Low Friction Acquisition

with Elevate Demand

Demand Generation

with “other” B2B agencies

Campaign Management
Campaign Management Fully managed from creative to copy Account managers and junior marketers
Growth Expertise
Growth Expertise Marketing leaders who have done it before Demos and trials
Reporting & Tracking
Reporting & Tracking Full data model and CRM dashboard Building brand awareness
Growth Process
Growth Process Focus on biggest growth blockers and impact Activity focused or no process at all
Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization Addresses your biggest friction points Basic website optimizations
Product Messaging
Product Messaging A formula for repeatable results No product messaging experience
Brand Narrative
Brand Narrative Find message market match to conversions No narrative experience or playbook

“Growth, growth, growth!”

– Erin Newton, VP of Marketing, Element451

“With Elevate Demand I get the strategy and messaging I need to help grow our business PLUS the nuts and bolts of actually running paid campaigns.”

How is this different from other agencies?

Performance PLUS is different in premise, execution and results. Whereas most ad programs are built on the idea of “experimenting your way to success” with different colors, copy and images, Performance PLUS is developed from the understanding that nothing matters more than getting the messaging just right. This leads to more focused execution with more impactful outcomes.

What’s a brand narrative and why does it matter?

Product positioning results in the story you tell about your solution. A brand narrative is the story you tell buyers about their world. By articulating a significant shift that is not yet universally agreed upon but that changes how your buyers will be successful, you present a context for your solution that makes your messaging more credible, differentiated and impactful.

What can I expect from Performance PLUS?

B2B marketing leaders that have already engaged us to do this work have experienced a methodical approach that builds on learnings and solves the bigger messaging challenges most companies have while also driving near-term results. It’s the most responsible way to build out a performance marketing program today and a highly efficient way to get to magnetic messaging.

Get your growth unstuck.

Other agencies aren’t built to solve your strategic messaging problems. Get unstuck with a B2B Sustainable Demand Agency that improves paid ads and content performance with messaging that hooks and attracts your target customer.