Long-Term Marketing Through the Crisis

The fastest way to get out of this mess is to double down on marketing. I mean aggressively, but it needs to be the right marketing.

You're not going to find revenue spamming prospects through email or running lead gen ads in LinkedIn and display that create a ton of friction in the buying process "Sign up for a webinar to learn more" "Book time to chat with our rep" "Get a demo"

Far too many organizations are slashing their marketing budget or focusing on marketing activities that don't turn into revenue.

Go audit the marketing payback of your get a demo ad on Facebook or that gated whitepaper.

Every audit I've performed audience targeting for demo / free trial offers close to revenue at less than 1%.

And that gated ebook? Less than 10% of e-book downloads are read or skimmed by the buyer.

Want to know what customer acquisition strategies are working for our customers and why 75% of them have had back to back best months ever?

Book a call with our founder and we'll show you the exact blueprint.

Our demand gen agency is investing more in marketing a month than SaaS companies that have $50MM in ARR.

All of your competitors are doing marketing this way. It requires 5x - 10x the investment to achieve the same revenue results. Why not do something that actually works?

Here's what does work.

Marketing campaigns that capture as much existing demand as possible through paid search and competitive take out strategies paired with a top of the funnel brand awareness.

But building brand the right way is the key.

Our playbook will create a ton of new demand for your SaaS and consists of content distribution leveraging cold audiences via Facebook and LinkedIn.

No gated e-books or whitepapers so your SDR team can activate a sales cadence. We prescribe to turning off sales and letting your audiences actually consume your content.

The data to this approach speaks for itself. Right now on average we're seeing an increase in inbound volume by 80% within 120 days.

Building brand awareness, brand equity, and creating product consideration is the key to coming out of this as quickly and strongly as possible.

Short-term focused companies will continue to cut their marketing budgets and stop investing in the areas that actually drive growth, which may mean they will never get the chance to recover.

Long-term focused companies are investing in the areas that actually create product demand, making the hard decisions so they have a clear path to revenue when this is all over.

This is what I would do if I was running demand gen for your SaaS.

I want to help you do this. I'm willing to share the exact revenue playbook we're using for other SaaS and B2B companies.

Book a call and I'll show you how to execute on it.