Elevate Demand Launches New Growth Formula for SaaS

We’ve launched a new marketing playbook for SaaS companies. The old playbook isn’t as effective as it once was, and honestly it’s time for a change. 

Right now SaaS companies are running the exact same mix - they're getting hundreds of leads a month, but they're not turning into revenue. The leads close at 0.1%.

And that is the difference - we've aligned our entire demand gen agency to revenue instead of leads.

In fact you're going to get substantially less leads if you hire us.

But you're going to drive more revenue, better sales and marketing alignment, lower customer acquisition costs, and improved win rates.

After investing over $15MM in ad spend fine tuning this formula we've packed up our learning into a core playbook we offer as your demand gen agency.

Over 75% of our SaaS & B2B customers had their best months ever in March and April and we'll show you how we're doing it during our discovery session.

Let’s break it down.

The Old Playbook

A short term sales focused strategy to deliver contacts to your sales team.

  • Scan a bunch of badges at over priced events.
  • Run Google Ads to get a demo / free trial offers.
  • Promote whitepapers through Google Ads and LinkedIn.
  • Run get a demo ads on Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Half baked ABM campaigns from seller selected accounts.

In all of these scenarios you’re planning your marketing based on how many leads and MQLs you can get, not how much revenue.

You’re generating leads so you can do a sales motion which is almost the equivalent to out-bounding.

Go audit your marketing from whitepaper downloads and track that all the way to revenue, and you’ll find that less than 1% of those leads close.

The New Playbook

A buyer focused strategy that creates brand awareness and product consideration to your target market.

We've broken up our playbook into two key areas

Intent Channels

Optimize intent channels to drive immediate buyers that are actively looking for your solution at the lowest CAC possible. You get to skip past the learning curve and get our combined experience running these channels.

Capture buyers looking at competing products with proven competitors and take out campaigns that capture demand from their marketing and sales efforts.

Run campaigns on software review websites such as Capterra/G2/TrustRadius

This is how we capture buyers showing intent to buy your solution, but this only makes up 1% of the market.

Awareness Channels

Run awareness marketing programs that create new demand from buyers within your target market not showing intent to buy.

We do this through audience-focused marketing campaigns leveraging LinkedIn/Facebook.

  • Create very specific content types that drive product consideration without sales intent / gated forms.
  • Advanced cold audience segmentation and targeting for active content distribution.
  • Execute specific ad copy and ad types to drive engagement and build brand awareness.

We've found this marketing strategy works better when you don't spend most of your marketing on generating leads, but instead spend it in the areas that actually create product demand.

If you're ready to transition your marketing playbook or you want to hire a demand generation agency that aligns to revenue, let's get started with a discovery call.

Now’s the time to change.