Distribution, Distribution, Distribution

We’re back after taking some time off in July.

And we got a deep dive for you…

Distribution has become to B2B marketing what location has always been to real estate. 


Remember our 30 slides on the concept of low friction acquisition? 

Well, this time it’s “only” 20 slides on the new role of distribution in customer acquisition. 

When we say distribution, we don’t just mean any way to get your message out there. We mean the primary way you get in front of your buyers – repeatedly. 

But if you’re struggling with this, you’re not alone. 

Distribution is broken for most B2B companies. 

And collectively we haven’t been looking at the problem the right way. 

We’ve been thinking it’s about doing more

Firing up more channels. Pumping more messages through them. And somehow expecting more demand. 

But doing more of something that isn’t really working anymore doesn’t give us more of what we want. It just gets us stuck in the “more” trap. Not to mention the false struggle

And to be clear – funnel thinking, added friction and limited differentiation are all distribution killers. 

In this new role of distribution, it all comes down to getting buyers to build habits around consuming your messages. That’s where it starts. 

And without that, we simply can’t get to anything that can compound. Which is the game. 

Whether “experts” are trying to sell you on the idea of owned media, community-led growth or yesteryear’s classic dark social, they’re all trying to solve the distribution problem – without fully realizing. 

So where are you with this? 

What’s the primary way your business gets in front of buyers over and over again? 

A newsletter not unlike this one? Paid media across a particular channel or set of channels? Organic through keywords in the top three? 

How well is it working? 

Does it need a reboot? 

Again, as basic as we’re making this sound, this is a challenge for most B2B companies today. 

But what could be more important to solve? 

Please grab whatever you can from this deep dive deck and keep fighting the good distribution fight.

And for the super busy folks out there…

Here’s the quickest summary in the history of deck summaries: 

  1. Solving the distribution problem is CRITICAL to customer acquisition
  2. Doing a bit of everything ≠ Solving distribution (BIG DIFFERENCE)
  3. Very few companies have realized this is the new competitive edge

Go get em!

- Your partners in growth at Elevate Demand