How SaaS Marketers can Build Predictable Revenue During the Crisis

Events are cancelled and companies are reducing their spend.

Sales & Marketing teams are preparing to spam and pitch their products through email.

Maybe in 2020 it's time to take a new approach.

Instead of spamming your products to buyers who are not in buy mode.

Take that $80k ZoomInfo subscription and your left over event budget and invest that in areas that really work.

Right now - for less than $1k in spend you can reach 40k+ decision makers within your target ICP.

You can actually have them consume and read your content. These are buyers, decision makers, and influencers that need what you offer.

If you're struggling to get the investment - go ask your Sales or Marketing leader how much they would spend to email every buyer in your target market with 100% open rate.

Most companies would jump on that opportunity, and leaders would spend more than you could possibly imagine.

That's exactly what you can do right now. Content distribution via social media is email marketing with 100% open rate to your target ICP.

You can keep spamming and pitching and having a higher unsubscribe rate than response rate.

Or you can adjust your strategy to the way people actually want to buy.

Right now is the time to adjust.