How to Capture Buyers Looking for Your Product

At any given point there are buyers in the market looking for your product or service.

Even during a crisis. There might not be as many - so it's critical you focus your marketing budget on the areas that capture demand.

Not whitepapers and top of the funnel leads I mean actually buyers that turn into revenue.

Here's two strategies I'm having success with right now:

Intent Based Paid Search

This is your bottom of the funnel tactic to find buyers with high intent, and should be your highest converting channel to immediate revenue.

Let's break down what it should look like :

1. ) Remove all top of funnel and brand awareness keywords. These are expensive and wasting marketing spend.

In every account I've audited paid search accounts focused on whitepaper downloads and other top of funnel keywords convert to revenue at less than 1%

2. ) Restructure your account to only focus on bottom of the funnel intent driven keywords and send them to an inbound offer.

Your account should include people looking specifically for software, platform, solution, vendors, pricing, demo etc.

You now are capturing existing demand. You're running ads to buyers looking to actually buy your software / product.

Here's how to take it further.

Competitive Campaigns

Outperform your competitors by creating campaigns that take away buyers showing intent to buy their solution.

Build a list of competitors you win against regularly.

Create 2 - 3 brand awareness videos and run YouTube preroll targeting your competitor brand names.

Right now some of my customers are paying less than $0.06 per view leveraging this tactic. That's $0.06 per potential buyer actively looking at your competitions product.

Here's one more competitive tactic:

Create a custom intent audience in Google Ads for display leveraging your competitors brand name(s).

Leverage these banner sizes 300x250, 728x90, 320x50, 300x600, and 160x600.

Now create a landing page that clearly compares you to your list of competitors and offer up transparent pricing.

You have people in a buying cycle or a customer of that competitor so now's your chance to show them you're better.

For a CTA chat will be killer or a late stage offer. You should be generating immediate revenue.

Right now each click is costing less than $0.30 and 50% win rate on these campaigns.

I literally gave you the formula to go capture existing demand. Go execute on it.

If you need help - reach out for an action plan.