10 Critical Reasons to Use a B2B SaaS Growth Marketing Agency in 2021

Digital marketing plays a vital role in the success and growth of any B2B business. Today, most B2B SaaS businesses are too busy trying to do marketing and sales how they want to sell their product instead of how B2B buyers want to buy.

You need a growth agency who isn’t just staying up to date on the latest SaaS marketing insights, but understands growth marketing strategies across the entire funnel from awareness and acquisition to activation, revenue, and most importantly: knows how B2B buyers want to buy.

Here’s the deal:

Most SaaS and tech companies are stuck in an endless loop of focusing attention in the wrong places.

You spend more and more on paid ads and see worse and worse returns. You’re getting scrutinized by sales because your leads are cold and nobody is in buy mode.

You keep switching your marketing approach and each time you change your tactics you keep hitting the same plateau.

It’s not the fault of you or your team, it’s the current state of B2B SaaS marketing that no longer drives real demand.

If you want to learn how to break this loop for good, check this out:

1. Get a New Outlook on SaaS Growth Marketing

It’s time to face facts:

The buyer holds the power.

Instead of focusing on pain points we switch our clients mindset to focus on making the buyer aware of their problem to begin with.

And guess what - the Buyer Led Growth formula does exactly that. 

Most B2B companies are  running marketing campaigns that preach about how your solution will solve their problem (for awareness) and then offering up a solution (for acquisition).

Your buyer hears all the same claims from competitors and alternatives and they don’t believe in anything you’re saying.

It’s not enough to preach about how your product will solve this problem or that one. 

This is why you need to switch your marketing approach to helping buyers realize they have pain that needs solving to start driving real demand and break barriers in your B2B SaaS marketing strategy. 

This one shift is transforming growth for our customers and is a huge reason why 100% see a positive ROI to date.

Want to shift your marketing from the seller try Buyer Led Growth for yourself: Book a call with me. 

b2b marketing outlook

2. Get Measurable Results

With so many SaaS growth strategies and methods it can be challenging to calculate your real ROI. 

Our team helps by determining your B2B marketing KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). 

These determine how your campaigns are performing and which strategies will bring about the best results. 

There are three main metrics to measure using Buyer Led Growth: 

Marketing Revenue

This metric makes up how much revenue marketing is driving on a consistent basis.

We track inbound pipeline, customer lifetime value (LTV), customer acquisition cost (CAC), and a number of other metrics.

What will this do?

It goes without saying that if you can’t show your CEO/manager/team lead/etc:

  1. How much it costs to obtain your customers
  1.  How much positive revenue marketing is driving at any given time and where it’s coming from

Nobody will trust you or your team.

Sales Efficiency 


Our approach brings greater inbound volume and increases efficiency with more sales.

But to become efficient you NEED to track the right things:

What’s your marketing win rate?

What’s your marketing sales cycle length?

What’s your average days to close?

What’s your average ARR? 

Having these answers along with a targeted strategy builds efficient sales.

Growth Rate 

Establish a standard for where you need to be in the future.

Track growth across your entire funnel from awareness to activation to revenue.

When you use Buyer Led Growth:

You get to identify the essential metrics to follow to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and form strategy to strengthen weakness and drive more revenue.

3. Know Which Tools Work with Your B2B Marketing Budget

When you build a house you don’t hammer nails with your fist and saw wood with fingernails. 

You use tools to do the heavy lifting for you. 

This allows you to put all your attention on the big picture: 

Getting the job done right.

Doing that requires you to know your customers better than they know themselves. 

What data will allow you to make the right decisions turning your top funnel prospects into buyers? 

Where do you gather intel on your top competitors? 

How is your audience searching for industry info? 

At what time and place do they need your content?

We provide our clients the tools that give insight on all the above to form your new breakthrough strategy.

saas marketing tools

4. Focus on Improving Your Brand Narrative 


The Brand Narrative is at the heart of the Buyer Led Growth approach.

If you want marketing that actually creates demand and buyers to choose you then you need to speak to your audience at their current state of mind or operating narrative. 

Your brand narrative solves this repetitive problem: 

Only mapping content to pain points. 

When your only strategy is targeting existing pain your marketing plateau will always hold you back. 

The job of your brand narrative is to take your buyers existing narrative, status quo, and beliefs and habits and shift it into the narrative you need them to believe.

You assume your buyer does not recognize their pain or care enough to solve their pain.

Until a buyer is willing to understand what your solution can do they first need to understand why they need to change. Until you change your buyers narrative - they will never give you the time of day.

Our growth marketing agency will forge your new narrative making you irresistible to buyers.

5. Cut Down the Overall Expenses

When thinking about hiring a SaaS-savvy growth marketing agency, many B2B businesses compare the cost of an in-house team to the agency’s fee.

The reality is growth can be insanely expensive and challenging. Finding the right talent is nearly impossible, and it takes years to build the team and by the time you factor in turnover it’s nearly an impossible task.. 

Marketing agencies offer cookie cutter solutions because they’re more focused on their bottom line than your bottom line. They want to scale their services, not your growth.

This is why we call ourselves a growth marketing team. We’re focused on growth across the entire funnel and you work with the people that can actually solve your problem, not a director of demand generation or account manager.

We collaborate, plan, execute, boost returns, and continue to refine your marketing approach so that it drives growth.

6. Focus on Growth not Acquisition

Most SaaS marketing agencies put awareness and acquisition at the center. It’s about acquiring as many ‘leads’ as possible at the lowest possible cost. You might hear an agency say “we’re focused on growth”.

But here’s the catch:

When you take a look at their team and skillset they’re focused on the top two layers of the funnel awareness and acquisition. They have paid media, content, SEO, PR, design, etc. All of these skills align with leads, signups, demos, trials, etc.

Their entire team is pursuing the two top areas of the funnel.

When you focus on the very top of the funnel; win rates are low and churn suffers massively. Typically the fastest path to immediate growth is to focus on the lower parts of the funnel like retention.

If you want growth - you need an agency that understands it across every stage of the funnel: awareness, acquisition, retention, revenue, referral.

As an experienced SaaS growth marketing agency we’ll actively look at growth across the funnel and remove friction at every key stage.

7. Optimize Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is the foundation of any SaaS marketing strategy and a key lever of growth. 

If you want to accomplish your business goals, it is essential to work with an agency that understands the importance of content and offers the best solution to grow and promote your SaaS brand.

This piece from Neil Patel mentions that it's especially important for B2B companies to sell your story before you sell your product. 

The best way to do that is by offering super engaging content to your audience consistently. 

Partnering with a growth marketing agency that focuses on top-tier marketing and knows the best ways to optimize your content will go a long way toward improving your SEO score and turning leads into customers. 

It’s good to help buyers with existing pain. 

It’s better when  you’re making them aware of their pain from the start. 

That’s the core of an effective SaaS content strategy.

b2b content marketing strategy

8. Implement Omni-Channel Marketing Approach

Learning how to use individual channels, including social media, SEO, and PPC is time-consuming. 

With us it's simple. 

We take all your channels and create a unified and seamless map across the entire customer journey. 

You're not left short on one channel and stacked on another.

Increase conversions and pave your way to success with an optimized B2B omnichannel strategy.

9. Better SEO Rankings

Without deep SEO expertise, you can’t expect your B2B SaaS marketing strategies to deliver promising results. 

A marketing agency knows the best tricks to improve your website’s SEO and provide a greater ROI for your business.

On top of that you're going to get a complete timeline of when to expect these results in the SERP's. 

SEO for SaaS and B2B companies involves a thorough content strategy that speaks to your target market. 

In working with us you'll learn that a solid SaaS search strategy isn't dumping all of your money into paid ads that convert less than 2% of their viewers. 

It’s about quality content that your buyers can’t turn away from. 

It’s about a killer website user experience (UX) with fast load times, easy navigation, clear messaging, and leading users to take ation. 

SEO is far from dead in the era of B2B SaaS marketing and you’re going to fall behind if you don’t use it to your advantage.

b2b saas seo services

10. Gives Unbiased & Professional Advice

Working with a growth marketing agency gives you access to a knowledgeable and skillful team that will provide you with professional and unbiased advice. 

It’s important to get a fresh perspective of what’s working best in the B2B SaaS market right now and how it will change in the future.

Our growth agency understands your struggle because we've helped countless brands just like you break through their marketing plateau. 

The instructions our B2B SaaS marketing agency provides will allow a better understanding of:

Your current standing.

Areas you need to work on.

A system of performance measuring.

How to scale to get where you want to be.

b2b saas marketing strategy

We’ll craft you a B2B SaaS marketing strategy that skyrockets demand and reinvents your marketing outlook in 2021 by focusing on growth.

Book a discovery call today to see how we can help.