The New Sales & Marketing Playbook for SaaS

The old Sales and Marketing playbook is about to get thrown out the window.

For our customers they're safe. We've been running the new playbook for awhile.

It's why 75% of our customer base had their best month ever in March & April - with no signs of slowing down.

When this downturn is over - it's going to be the companies that became aggressive, adaptive, and opportunistic that truly recover.

Are you creating the new playbook or are you waiting for the crisis to end so you can keep doing what you've always done?

The Old Playbook

Scan a bunch of badges at over priced events and promote whitepapers through Google ads and LinkedIn so you can collect a ton of leads and MQLs.

But in every audit I've performed these close to revenue at less than 1%.

You might have a great cost per lead and MQL metric, but your customer acquisition costs are terrible.

And this doesn't include all the time wasted by SDRs selling into buyers that are not in buy mode.

This isn't demand gen this is lead gen. It's a short term sales focused strategy that delivers a high volume of leads that often close at low rates.

The New Playbook

A buyer focused strategy that creates brand awareness and product consideration to your target market.

Our customers get considerably less leads, but they find more buyers.

Here's where to start:

  1. Win as much existing demand as possible through paid search and competitor campaigns that capture their demand. This will drive immediate revenue. Then start optimizing your Sales process and lead handoff to win as much of this business as possible.
  2. Outperform your competitors by creating awareness focused content that creates brand consideration and distribute through awareness channels with no sales asks or sales intent. No gated e-books just let your target market consume your content.

But that's the difference. You can't create product consideration if you're focus is to generate as many leads as possible and you're gating any content of value.

The end result is less leads but more qualified buyers going to your Sales team.

Your marketing would be a lot better if you didn't spend $150k on a temporary booth or run whitepaper downloads on LinkedIn to generate a ton of leads and instead built demand gen to actually create demand and not leads.

Now's the time to change.