Email Nurture for SaaS Companies in 2020

B2B & SaaS companies are building their entire customer acquisition strategy on running gated content and ebook ads to capture as many emails as possible for email nurture.

Don't get me wrong - email marketing is still one of the most effective channels, but it's time for a little dose of reality.

The strategy of gating all your content and then dumping everyone into a nurture campaign or worse yet right over to your sales team doesn't work.

This approach is NOT buyer focused and it creates massive amounts of friction in your customer acquisition strategy.

Buying Behavior is Changing

I don’t read emails - I have it organized so that a few people have their own folders and the rest go to a spam email address.

Critical communication is done through Slack, Teams, and text.

I learn and consume all my content through podcasts, LinkedIn, and video.

But here's what's scary as buyer behaviors change marketing teams are building their entire demand generation strategy on generating *leads* for nurture.

Content syndication, ebook ads on Facebook & LinkedIn, and gated whitepapers on Google Ads.

No one downloaded your ebook wanting your marketing emails after.

If your buyers want regular email communication they will subscribe to your newsletter.

You’re not even creating the ebooks to create value for your audience. You're creating it for you.

If your ebook was that great you wouldn’t gate it - you would want everyone in your target market to read it.

You would make it as easy to find and consume as possible.

It's Time to Update Your Go-To-Market Strategy

Right now I would be figuring out better more effective ways to communicate and distribute my message and content to my audience.

Here's one area we're finding a ton of success with.

Right now - for less than $1k in spend you can reach 40k+ decision makers within your target market through active content distribution via social channels.

You can actually have them consume and read your content. This is email marketing with 100% open rate. This is one of many new approaches we've fine tuned.

You can keep tricking buyers through ebooks and auto subscribing them into your email nurture.

Or you can adjust your strategy to the way people actually want to buy.

Start marketing like you'll be around for the next 5 years not the next quarter.

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