SaaS Marketers Make this One Critical Mistake

I performed several Marketing audits for SaaS companies the past few weeks.

And I found one critical mistake in each audit.

They optimize for leads and MQLs not revenue.

They are struggling to quantify their impact and justify their spend.

MQLs are worth nothing if they don't turn to revenue, and that's just it.

You're passing over all these MQLs and your Sales team is dropping them into automated 15 touch sales cadence - and it turns to revenue at less than 2% win rate.

This means your Marketing team is celebrating metrics that don't turn to revenue.

And you wonder why your Sales and Marketing teams are not aligned.

Lots of wasted time and lots of wasted resources. You're creating massive inefficiencies in your Marketing and Sales team.

Here's what you need to do:

Only pass over buyers that request Sales interaction.

This means Marketing must focus on driving get a demo requests, free trials, pricing requests, contact us, etc.

Think about what will change.

You'll no longer focus on MQLs, but what is needed to turn buyers into customers.

You'll start creating the right types of content that encourages buyers to take action instead of content that creates MQLs.

Your content will actually need to be insightful, useful, and meaningful. You'll have audience-centric messaging.

Your email marketing will change from sending emails to score leads up to one that informs and helps buyers.

Your marketing dollars will be heavily invested in areas that drive revenue and not leads.

Yes, you'll get less leads BUT you're win rates will skyrocket and your customer acquisition costs will drop and you'll drive more revenue because your Sales team will be talking to people that actually want to buy.

This is what your customers want. They want to talk with Sales on your terms. Not because they downloaded a whitepaper that caused them to score up and MQL and be dropped into a Sales cadence.

This one change could drive immediate alignment between Sales and Marketing.