Your Marketing Priorities the Next 90 Days

Be very cautious of your priorities over the next 90 days as a marketing team.

I'm not a fortune teller, but we're not going back to normal anytime soon. I'm already planning on very little travel over the next 12-24 months.

You should be planning the same and assume events are not going to be the same as well as how people buy through 2021.

If you don't act now. You're not going to be 90 days behind - you're going to feel years behind.

Lots of marketers are waiting for the return to normal. They want clarity.

If you wait for clarity, you've waited too long.

Here's 8 things you need to do the next 90 days:

1. Align marketing KPIs to actual revenue results and stop measuring your marketing on leads and MQLs. Marketers must be held accountable to the end result now so more than ever before.

2. Cut out martech and agencies not aligned to revenue. Too many vendors sell tools based on how they "influence" revenue or agencies that tout their cost per lead metrics.

3. Ungate your content and distribute it to your target market so they actually consume it

4. Start creating more content while everyone is in learning and research mode this includes starting a podcast and video series.

5. Think about the skills you need to be successful and start actually developing them

6. Train your sales team the proper way to leverage LinkedIn not through connect and spam

7 Start aggressively investing in the *right* marketing mix which includes turning off intent and creating actual brand awareness

8. Unplug for a week and recharge, and realize that things will not be returning to normal soon

Short-term focused companies will continue to wait and see, which may mean they will never get the chance to recover.

Long-term focused companies are evaluating and updating their demand gen playbook, and developing new skills.

If you're struggling with any of these book a discovery call and let's talk.